Who we are

Chantal Umuhoza

Chantal UMUHOZA is a 30 year old Rwandan citizen that holds a Masters in Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies/Social Justice Perspectives (SJP) from the International Institute of social studies, Erasmus Rotterdam (ISS)-The Netherlands and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the national University of Rwanda.

She was a youth volunteer and peer educator for sexual and reproductive health and rights since the age of 18 and ever since works different civil society organizations on similar issues mostly in research, policy analysis, programs’ design and implementation, advocacy at national, regional and international levels including at UN. She has been chair of youth Action Movement, IPPF/Rwanda’ youth branch, a member of the Youth Advisory Group for Rutgers WFP, currently a mentor for the Eastern African mentorship program on SRHR, a council member of Know your Neighbor (KYN), a Soulforce program and founder of SPECTRA, a young feminists’ movement forming up in Rwanda.

She is currently a full time program manager for a Rwandan network of civil society organizations that advance Gender equality throughout the development process. She is passionate and committed to comprehensive social change and social justice and takes at heart issues of capitalism, neoliberalism, sexuality, Gender, heteronormativity, patriarchy in her current individual life, research work and near future PhD studies.

Country: Rwanda