Who we are


ANIS: Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights, and Gender is the only not-for-profit, non-governmental organization in Latin America devoted to bioethics research, advocacy, and education. With its headquarters in Brasília, ANIS has been conducting its activities since 1999 through a multidisciplinary team of seasoned bioethics professionals. In 2002, ANIS was included as a bioethics research institution in the directory of the Brazilian National Research Council.

Bioethics is a political and academic mechanism for intervention in moral conflicts arising from health issues. It covers some hard-to-mediate moral matters which include abortion, euthanasia, new reproductive technologies, the Human Genome Project, cloning, and genetic information.

ANIS bases its work on bioethical issues related to human reproduction, such as abortion, reproductive technologies, cloning, and the Human Genome Project. Along the theoretical and political guidelines of feminism and human rights, ANIS conducts its activities by way of four major programs.

Organization website: http://www.anis.org.br

Country: Brazil