Who we are

May-i Fabros

May-i likes to take risks, build and break things. She engages intersecting policies and political platforms with a central focus on expanding the role of young women in decision-making and development, in all situations, and at all times, particularly on the recognition of their bodily autonomy and agency. She is a member of WomanHealth Philippines, a nonprofit national women’s organization working on social and gender justice issues, particularly on the realisation of rights to health, participation, and sexual and reproductive self-determination, through policy advocacy and campaigns on maternal death audits, public health finance and social protection. She is also part of the Young Women Collective, a safe platform for young women to engage political issues and spaces on decisions that impact their lives, and is the Commissioner representing the Youth of the Philippine Commission of Women, the national machinery on women’s human rights and gender equality.

Organization: WomanHealth Philippines

Country: Philippines